Photographer and Visual artist, Sharis Garabedian lives and works between Paris, France and Yerevan, Armenia.

Educated in London, New York and Paris She grew up in an artistic family and was given her first camera by her father at a young age.

Growing up in many different geographical areas, Middle East, the United States, Europe, and being of Armenian descent, she absorbed the multiple influences that play a major role in her art.


In addition to her inherited visual history and experiences which have led her to express herself in various mediums; in photography, she is not interested in depicting, or creating staged situations in order to provide subjects for her art, but in capturing the forms and compositions that already exist in their natural form without any manipulation. 

Always aware of and in tune with her surroundings she captures the flaws and what she considers perfections of all manifestations. Ancient and modern places, to the most common everyday objects such as a deteriorating door of an abandoned prefabricated house, broken down car parts to crumbling walls. Realities by which we are surrounded and which for the most part might not even notice.

She depicts images of all the above and their relationship within the free and unrestricted rhythm as they exist in nature.

For her these instants of reality contain a certain beauty, be it in their existing color, texture, or composition. She thus, considers her photographs to be “paintings of reality” resonant of abstract painting.


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