The basic essence of the obsidian, the volcanic glass, which has been a source of inspiration for me, is derived from its relationship to the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
All four of these are interrelated and revealed in nature, thus in my work.
Through my work I have tried to demonstrate the repetitive, regular, and irregular patterns within nature. I thus leave the stones as I have found them in their natural form, and by communicating with these forms my drawings, imprint, decide their direction.
Thereby a spontaneous expression as within nature.

Sharis Garabedian’s obsidian sculpture series disclose the inner emotions of the artist through the new art forms in stone by using geometrical and abstract shapes combined with the naturally existing different textures of the obsidian stone. Dark and light forms are thus naturally created by the phenomena of painting in silver on this volcanic glass stone. The repetitive use of geometrical, angular, and petroglyphic patterns  and symbols in her drawings are the story of the artist’s meditative imprint, an impression of her heritage into her memory and self image expressed through organic materials, thus the stone of her homeland.
The natural sculpture forms communicating to her lead to a variety of emotional feelings which coincide with the natural inner voice of the stone. 

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